Vehicle graphics and van wraps

Guide to Vehicle Graphics & Wraps

First Of All, What Is A Vehicle Wrap?

A vehicle wrap is a digitally printed vinyl that can completely transform cars, vans and trucks by covering the whole vehicle or just part of it in advertising or your company’s branding. They are printed in full colour using anything from simple logos to intricate designs and photos.
Last year’s winner of the ‘Wrap of the Year’ at the British Sign Awards started with a hand-drawn idea, the design was then created, printed and wrapped on a truck that was seen on roads throughout the UK in the weeks leading up to the Convoy in the Park festival.

Any Colour As Long As It’s Beige

Vehicle wraps were originally conceived in the 90s as a way of saving German taxi companies money.

In Germany, in the days before Uber, taxis were required by law to be a certain colour. In New York you have the famous yellow cab, in Bristol it’s blue, in Germany it used to be beige.
So a vinyl manufacturer was asked to create a product that could be used instead of paint to change the colour of whole fleets of vehicles. They also wanted to be able to change the colour back to the original because the taxis would be sold on after being in service for 3 years. Prior to the introduction of vehicle wraps, taxis would be sold for heavily discounted prices or needed to be repainted.
With the new vinyl system, taxi companies could simply remove the vehicle wrap, leaving the paint underneath in spotless condition saving thousands of pounds (or Deutschmarks to them). And so the modern vehicle wrap was born.

Why Is Vehicle Wrapping So Effective?

Vehicle wraps really took off when the advertisers saw their potential. PepsiCo was the first company to use them for advertising. They wrapped 6 buses to promote a new Pepsi formula to the people of Seattle.
Compared to other forms of outdoor advertising vehicle wraps are incredibly effective. Driving around a busy city like Bristol will mean people seeing your company details up to 3000 times an hour, according to research by leading vinyl wrap manufacturer, 3M.
Vehicle advertising costs as little as 10 pence per thousand impressions, that’s 10 pence for every thousand people who see your company’s details or promotional message. Being mobile in a busy city like Bristol and Bath is clearly a benefit. It would be 25 times more expensive to reach the same number of people with a static outdoor sign.

Do I Need A Large Fleets Of Vehicles?

In short, no. Vehicle advertising works for businesses with a single vehicle or large fleets. They are particularly effective if you are based in cities like Bristol and Bath and have a regional client base, as is the case with many of our clients. It also means that you aren’t competing with the big advertising spend of national companies bidding for keywords on Google and Facebook, it really is a level playing field.

What’s The Return On Investment From A Vehicle Wrap?

As with all types of marketing your return on investment (ROI) will depend on many different factors: where the vehicle is driven, the profile of your customers/potential clients and the quality of your vehicle wrap design. Our experienced professionals can help you with the design but there are also things that you can do to help measure your ROI.
We recommend:
  • Use a specific telephone number that is reserved for use on your vehicles
  • Create a separate landing page on your website for people to go to in response to seeing one of your advertisements.
With all of the talk about of digital advertising, outdoor remains an essential element of many brands’ marketing mix and acts as a great hook for more interactive marketing channels such as Facebook and Twitter.

How Long Does It Take?

Last year’s ‘Wrap of the Year’ project took 2 days to complete. Our typical projects are completed within 2-3 hours. Do you have a project you’re interested in discussing with us? Drop us a line or send us an email. We’d love to hear from you.
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