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  • 24/01/2020 - Joe Day 0 Comments
    9 Types of Signage your Business Needs

    Signs are powerful tools for business--when used strategically. Here are 9 types of signs that can help land sales and keep customers coming back.

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  • 28/08/2019 - Joe Day 0 Comments
    Viewing Sizes And Distances for Signs

    A sign with an eye-catching style and an informative message is useless if people can’t actually read it. Legibility is absolutely crucial, as an easy-to-read sign can net up to 40% more responses.

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  • open sign
    31/07/2019 - Joe Day 0 Comments
    The Right Sign For You

    Virtually all businesses need signage, whether they have a physical shop-front to promote, premises on an industrial estate to highlight or a marketing campaign to advertise. But what type of sign is right for your needs? In this blog, we'll look at the various options on offer and the key decisions involved in the final selection.

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  • Branding tree with ideas
    24/05/2019 - JOE DAY 0 Comments
    How to Rebrand your Business

    A significant percentage of businesses decide to rebrand at some point. Perhaps your old brand no longer serves your customers. Perhaps your business is evolving. Perhaps the graphics simply need a refresh to reflect your changing ethos? Whatever the driver, a business rebrand must be approached carefully or expensive mistakes can occur.

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  • bath stone property sign
    24/04/2019 - JOE DAY 0 Comments
    Sign Design Basics

    In an era of endless digital content and fine-targeted ads, eye-catching and memorable signs are critical for business looking to stand out. The stiff competition for consumer attention turns signage into more than just blocks of text hanging over your store’s entrance, or slogans wrapped around your fleet of vehicles.

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  • Marks & Spencer logos over the years
    04/01/2019 - JOE DAY 0 Comments
    How do Logos Create Brand Identity

    Brand identity is the bringing together of elements that distinguish your product or service to people. These elements allow you to establish the image you want for your brand and send the right message across your target audience. Some components that help build your brand identity include: brand name, theme line or tagline, and perhaps the most prominent of all— the logo.

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  • 30/11/2018 - JOE DAY 0 Comments
    Creating a Brand Style Guide

    A brand style guide will take your brand values, ethos and motivations and codify them into a visual design language that you and your team can use to communicate your identity to your audience. This can then be applied to all your online and offline corporate branding, whether it’s your website or vehicle wraps for your fleet.

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  • 30/10/2018 - JOE DAY 0 Comments
    ​10 Tips for Designing Killer Logos

    Brand logos are often overlooked in our day to day lives but stop to think about it for a second and you’ll realise they are the commercial totems and signposts of our modern lives. Most of us could instantly recognise all manner of brand logos and in some cases, just the colour schemes they use.

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  • The Psychology of Colour in Sign Design
    24/09/2018 - Joe Day 0 Comments
    The Psychology of Colour in Sign Design

    Colour can significantly affect the way we feel, which is why making the right colour choices is always so important regardless as to whether you’re selecting a new colour palette for your website or the most appropriate shirt to wear to a business event.

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  • 30/08/2018 - Joe Day 0 Comments
    What does your Business Sign say about your Business?

    If you're running a business with physical premises or whether you have a fleet of vehicles, it's essential that you have a great piece of signage to mark your location and attract people into your place of business. But what constitutes a great sign and what does it say about your business?

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  • 30/05/2018 - Joe Day 0 Comments
    Signage Artwork Files and Formats

    In a previous blog article we discussed the importance of good design for business signs. The key difference between working on artwork design for your business signage compared to other design projects is scale.

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  • 23/05/2018 - Joe Day 0 Comments
    Bristol's Grammar Vigilante

    Bristol Businesses Get a Second Chance To Make a First Impression

    The saying goes ‘you never get a second chance to make a first impression’ and that is particularly true with regards to your business signs. But thanks to Bristol’s grammar vigilante some Bristol based businesses are being given a second chance.

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  • Vehicle graphics and van wraps
    03/05/2018 - Joe Day 0 Comments
    Guide to Vehicle Graphics & Wraps

    First Of All, What Is A Vehicle Wrap?

    A vehicle wrap is a digitally printed vinyl that can completely transform cars, vans and trucks by covering the whole vehicle or just part of it in advertising or your company’s branding. They are printed in full colour using anything from simple logos to intricate designs and photos.
    Last year’s winner of the ‘Wrap of the Year’ at the British Sign Awards started with a hand-drawn idea, the design was then created, printed and wrapped on a truck that was seen on roads throughout the UK in the weeks leading up to the Convoy in the Park festival.

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  • How to design a sign
    27/04/2018 - Joe Day 0 Comments
    Simple Rules How To Design A Sign

    Why is sign design important?

    Business signs have an important role to play in today’s digital world. Rising customer expectations mean that everyone has to work harder to win new business and earn their loyalty. That means ensuring that every touch point with your potential clients leaves a positive impression.

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